Klinika Vetriver Prevention

  • Taking good care of your pet

    We emphasize disease prevention—check-ups and immunization—in our daily practice to spare your pet from potential suffering. We examine pets thoroughly to help avoid potential problems in the future. We also carefully examine each pet before its annual rabies vaccine. Determining the condition of your pet helps us select the optimal vaccine.

    Our veterinary facilities in Laski, Łomianki, and Latchorzew provide the following disease-prevention services on the spot:

    Dog immunization

    Cat immunization

    Pet microchipping

    Dietary advice

    Dog examination before exhibitions

    Orthopedic examination in young dogs for hip and elbow joint dysplasia

    Heart examination for congenital defects

    Sale of flea- and tick-control products (all brands available on the market)

    Pet fecal examination

Contact information

The Vetriver clinic at LASKI is open 24 hours.

Contact us via phone: 22 721 00 75 or e-mail: lp.revirteviksal

ul. 3-go Maja 89, Warszawa - Laski
ul. Warszawska 236, Warszawa - Latchorzew, 05-082 Stare Babice