Klinika Vetriver IRAP I (Orthokine), IRAP II (Arthrex ABPS), synthetic joint lubricant (Noltrex)

  • Effective treatment for joint disease in dogs
    IRAP I and IRAP II techniques – are an antidote for joint degeneration

    As one of the few facilities in Poland, Vetriver Clinic offers novel treatment methods for damaged articular (or joint) cartilage, joint degeneration, and inflammation—introducing IRAP I and IRAP II. These state-of-the-art techniques, successfully used in humans, reduce the pain and discomfort associated with hip and elbow dysplasia, spinal osteoarthritis, and tendon tears. IRAP techniques are also often used during the recovery period after surgery. The greatest advantage of these treatment methods is long-term pain control, which allows the animal to resume its normal activities.

    What does joint treatment with IRAP involve?

    This procedure is a natural and safe method in which the patient’s own blood is used. This technique does not involve surgery and is minimally invasive. A blood sample is processed in a laboratory to produce autologous-conditioned serum, which contains cytokines and growth factors. These substances inhibit inflammation and limit cartilage destruction. The treatment involves localized injections of the serum over a series of 3–4 procedures, with the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect lasting for 2–4 years. IRAP I and IRAP II methods are particularly recommended in those cases where medical treatment failed and you want to spare your pet a surgery or in case of health-related contraindications for surgery.


    Synthetic joint lubricant (Noltrex). A synthetic synovial fluid, which replaces the natural joint lubricant, is injected directly into the affected joint. The hydrogel component of the fluid acts as a shock absorbent and helps preserve the integrity of joint cartilage. The formula contains silver ions, which suppress microbial colonization. Due to its slow biodegradation, the product improves function of the joint for two years. The procedure involves injecting the product into the joint. The effect is immediate. The product, Noltrex, is constantly available at Vetriver.

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