Klinika Vetriver Dermatology

  • Cats and dogs rarely develop skin conditions. If they do, the signs may look similar, despite different causes. Skin lesions in pets may be caused by bacterial, parasitic, or fungal infections; hormone dysfunction, and autoimmune or allergic conditions. The most common manifestations are itching, bald spots, pustules, ear canal erythema (redness).

    The following supplementary assessments are done to help with accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment of skin conditions in dogs and cats:

    cytology (of ear canals, skin, mucosal epidermal junctions, skin tumors);

    shave biopsy (for ectoparasites);

    mycological examination (for fungal infections);

    microbiological test;


    blood hormone levels;

    allergy tests.

    Skin conditions:

    Fungal infection of the external auditory meatus (or ear canal)


    Sarcoptes scabiei infestation


    Scaling (keratinization disorders)




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