Klinika Vetriver Arthroscopy

  • Arthroscopy is conducted in an operating room, under local or general anesthesia. This procedure involves inserting a device, called an arthroscope, into a joint through a small incision (cut). Once the tip of the arthroscope is in the joint, a solution of physiological saline is administered into the joint, which makes it easier to view the inside of the joint. Then, all intraarticular and periarticular structures (or structures in and around the joint) are assessed. These include articular cartilages, synovial membrane, tendons, muscles, and menisci. This part of an arthroscopic procedure is sometimes referred to as diagnostic arthroscopy. Then, miniature surgical instruments can be inserted into the joint to perform surgical treatment of any detected abnormality. If arthroscopy involves such procedures, it is referred to as arthroscopic surgery or therapeutic arthroscopy. Arthroscopic procedures conducted at Vetriver involve the use of a medical fluid pump (to maintain constant pressure inside the joint) and an arthroscopic shaver system.

    Indications for arthroscopy:

    joint injuries

    joint instability

    intraarticular fractures

    rheumatoid arthritis

    degenerative changes

    foreign bodies in the joint

    intraarticular and periarticular tumors

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