Klinika Vetriver Anesthesia

  • All surgeries and procedures conducted at our clinic take place in the presence of a veterinary anesthesiologist, who oversees the safety of each patient. There are only a handful of veterinary clinics in Poland that offer a similar level of pets’ safety during surgery. To sedate our patients for surgery we use an excellent system for inhalation anesthesia with an isoflurane vaporizer, which minimizes the risk of complications following surgery. This technique is also used for administering anesthesia in humans.

    Each surgical procedure involves intubation and monitoring of vital signs (pulse, body temperature, oxygen saturation).

Contact information

The Vetriver clinic at LASKI is open 24 hours.

Contact us via phone: 22 721 00 75 or e-mail: lp.revirteviksal

ul. 3-go Maja 89, Warszawa - Laski
ul. Warszawska 236, Warszawa - Latchorzew, 05-082 Stare Babice